The Game Creator's Pack - 12 Nov '17 Update

12 November 2017: This variety update contains assorted graphic assets. A new, green spaceship joins the red and blue ones; it comes with its own powerup and 8x8 ship icon. The new ship is Commodore 64 compliant, as well. Also included are red and blue potion bottles in both 8-bit and shaded 16-bit versions. Finally, a sampling of assets from The Retro Puzzle Pack, including fruits, dice, and additional tiles, rounds out this update. All of the sprites from this pack are available as both 1-bit variants and full-color sprites; additionally, all sprites come in 8x8 and 16x16 sizes. 
This update brings the total amount of unique sprites in this pack over 200! Thank you very much for your continued support; I look forward to seeing what you make with these assets.


Variety Update (12 Nov '17 Update).zip 10 kB
7 days ago

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