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Do you need graphics or music for your game? The Game Creator's Pack has you covered!

This Creative-Commons-Zero [CC-0] asset package contains authentic retro-style graphic assets and music for creators of all skill levels and needs.

With over 200 unique sprites (no palette swaps counted) designed for scrolling shooters and platformers, make your games look stunning, as seen in the preview images!

The music composed in Famitracker covers a wide variety of genres; I'm certain that you can find a perfect fit for your game! You can hear samples of the included music here, as well as here for the included Sound Expansion.

Audio Assets Include:

  • 12 full-length music tracks (loop once, except for Title Theme and N E S Y X)
  • 5 short jingles (do not loop)
  • All audio assets come in WAV format and 320kbps MP3 files

Graphic Assets Include:

  • Scrolling Shooter spritesheet
    • Includes version without palette-swapped sprites
    • Two unique main ships
    • Three enemy ships
    • One huge boss ship (Separate; not converted for C64-use)
    • Bullets, explosions, and more!
  • C64-compliant Scrolling Shooter spritesheet
    • Completely-redrawn variants of the above spritesheet formatted for Commodore 64 use
    • One extra ship design, complete with its own powerup and ship icon
    • 3-color, 12 x 21 pixel sprites
  • Retro Platformer spritesheet
    • Two unique main characters
    • Human and creature enemies
    • 25 tiles
  • Modern Platformer Character spritesheet
    • One main character with 20 unique sprites
    • Comes in light and dark-outlined variants
  • Red and Blue Potion sprites
    • Available in 8-bit and shaded 16-bit versions
  • Special samples from The Retro Puzzle Pack, including dice, fruits, and extra tiles
  • Spritesheets are in PNG format

Download options include the whole pack (comes with everything above), WAV audio, MP3 audio, and graphical assets. Choose the download that best suits your needs!

I created this pack because I believe everyone with a game idea should be able to produce it without worrying about graphic or audio production. If you want to make games, download The Game Creator's Pack today! 


12 November 2017: This variety update contains assorted graphic assets. A new, green spaceship joins the red and blue ones; it comes with its own powerup and 8x8 ship icon. The new ship is Commodore 64 compliant, as well. Also included are red and blue potion bottles in both 8-bit and shaded 16-bit versions. Finally, a sampling of assets from The Retro Puzzle Pack, including fruits, dice, and additional tiles, rounds out this update. All of the sprites from this new pack are available as both 1-bit variants and full-color sprites; additionally, all sprites come in 8x8 and 16x16 sizes. 
This update brings the total amount of unique sprites in this pack over 200! Thank you very much for your continued support; I look forward to seeing what you make with these assets.

29 July 2017: Sound Expansion I includes three new music pieces, all utilizing Famicom expansion chips. N E S Y X and Zero Respect both use the Famicom Disk System chip; Sunstrider features the MMC5. These pieces are all included in the existing packs which contain audio, and are also available as a standalone download. Take a listen to these new tracks here.

2 July 2017: This update comes with a scrolling shooter boss (one sprite) and a version of the Scrolling Shooter spritesheet formatted for use on the Commodore 64. Once again, these sprites will be incorporated into the existing packs and are also available as standalone downloads.

31 May 2017: Added the Modern Platformer Character spritesheet, which comes with one character (20 unique sprites) in both light and dark-outlined variants. If you already have the previous graphic pack, feel free to get the standalone update in the file "Modern Platformer Character.zip". Otherwise, it's been included in "The Game Creator's Pack" and "Graphic Pack" downloads.

If you are feeling generous, please credit me as "Jonathan So". This is not mandatory because the license is CC-0. However, I would love to know where my art is featured.

Play my games and see other projects at:


or contact at:



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The Game Creator's Pack (Updated 12 Nov '17).zip 143 MB
Graphic Pack (Updated 12 Nov '17).zip 87 kB
Audio Pack - WAV (Updated 29 July '17).zip 97 MB
Audio Pack - MP3 (Updated 29 July '17).zip 46 MB
Variety Update (12 Nov '17 Update).zip 10 kB
Sound Expansion I (29 July '17 Update).zip 31 MB
Shooter Update (2 July '17 Update).zip 5 kB
Modern Platformer Character (31 May '17 Update).zip 9 kB

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Thank you so much to these awesome music. I used the Title Theme in my game jam game here.

(1 edit)

I used your music here

These are really nice




Thank you man for the cool music. I used it in my project 


I used your assets for a game jam, gave you credit. Thank you for the graphics and music! ;)


Thank you for the audio assets, they are awsome.

I have given credits, check the game out here Game link


We would love to use your soundtrack in our NES game reknum the awakening if you like :D see more here http://napegames.com/

Nape Games,

I'm glad to hear that you want to use my music in an NES game! Since your team is building to authentic hardware, I can send you the NSF and FTM files if you need them; just give me an email address to send them.  My music uses all five channels of the soundchip, so you might need to make changes to make room for your game's sound effects.

Thank you very much,

- Jonathan So


Sure thing! This is nape games email info@napegames.com and my personal email luisnmalpicag@mail.com you can use voy y for the files. Thank you very much!

Nape Games,

I've successfully sent the NSF files through email to info@napegames.com, but I wasn't able to deliver it to your personal email. If you were not able to receive the messages successfully, please let me know.

Thank you,

- Jonathan So

I will check it out and answer as soon as i can. thank you!

Nape Games,

Good morning. Were you able to receive the email successfully? If not, I can deliver the materials in another way to guarantee that you receive the files. 

Thank you very much,

- Jonathan So

Hi Jonathan,

Could you please send me the NSF and FTM files too?, I'm working on the real NES hardware too.

Thank you very much in advance, your assets are amazing !!

Happy new year!! Carlos

Hi Carlos. I'd love to see what you're working on, and to give you the files, do you have an email address I can send them to?


Awesome work!!! I used some of your music in my little game, check it out here if you want. Thanks for sharing your work!

Thank you so much for using my music! I played your game this morning and got around 1700 points. Let me know when you make more games/updates!


Thank you for playing it! I hope you liked it :D


Woooow, awesome! :O
I'll use it in my next project :3
Thanks for the good work.


Love it!
Thanks for sharing, it will be great inspiration for my tiny PICO-8 shooter :D


Awesome work. Thanks for sharing :D

Thank you very much!