Armed with nothing but your pop gun and your fists, take out the invading creatures, arcade-style, in Go Go Sniper.

Inspired by the single-screen arena classics, Go Go Sniper boasts a combo-based scoring system that rewards risky play. By punching enemies, you make them faster, angrier, and worth more points! Line them up and shoot to create a high-scoring combo, but be careful; some creatures might shoot back!

Trying the game for the first time? Start with Tour Mode, where you progress through various stages with unique architecture. After mastering the Tour, face a never-ending onslaught of enemies and compete for the high score in Infinite Mode. Whether you're a beginner, veteran, or anywhere in between, Go Go Sniper has the perfect challenge for all.

Try Go Go Sniper today; it's worth a shot.

Note: Please wait a bit for the game to load; its file is 11MB.


6 August 2017

The game is now downloadable! Please note that the download is Windows-only; other operating systems must play the game online.

6 March 2017

Special thanks to Reddit users ReflextionsDev, Cassiyus, and olaf_from_norweden: there are now options to choose control schemes! Choose between either 2 buttons and a three-way joystick (with up on the stick to jump) or 3 buttons and a two-way joystick (with a dedicated jump button).

4 March 2017

Fixed the two known issues detailed from 27 February 2017.

Changed the title screen's logo by one pixel.

Fixed a glitch introduced in the previous version where the rolling boulder never spawned. Now, survive in Infinite Mode long enough to see it!

27 February 2017

Added a new obstacle, a rolling boulder, to Infinite Mode. Survive for a long time and you might see it!

Changed the "hit" color of the Shot Stopper (rock) from red to blue to indicate that it is not damageable.

Changed the layout of Infinite Mode's level to increase its difficulty.

Known Issues to be fixed: In very rare situations, scoring may fail to award the correct amount of points.

"Pacing" motion locks certain enemies into an unintended movement pattern.


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